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Caregiving For All: June 19, 2023, Del Larson, Certified Lay Minister

There are many resources out there for caregivers. I am trying to keep you as informed as I possibly can. It would take me a century to share it all. I doubt I have that much time, but knowing God, anything is possible. I will continue to share insights from my research, personal experiences, classes and online groups, and information I receive from other resources. I find my searching has helped me to find answers, not just about diseases, but for me personally on how to take care of myself, so that I can care for others. Some of these may be a repeat, but that is good for those of us who need reviews. We have a half dozen new readers since I started this blog in November 2022. Listed below are but a few sources that I have found extremely useful that contain useful information.

* The AARP magazine has an article on caregiving in each edition.

* Teepa Snow, a dementia care specialist, and the Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Team share about dementia so that everyone can understand why changes are happening and how you can support those living with brain change more positively and respectfully.

* Elaine K Sanchez, author, speaker, and founder of an organization called CaregiverHelp has been an outstanding resource for me on my caretaking journey. Based on her extensive experience of caring for family elders, Elaine K Sanchez developed a passion for helping others manage the emotional stress of caregiving. Below is a talk that Sanchez gave entitled “Finding Hope, Humor, and Heart in Caregiving.” I found it particularly helpful when dealing with the everyday stresses of caregiving. I believe that for me, my humor helps me to be a better caregiver. The more I can make my wife or others laugh, the less stress I feel. I am not going to tell you I do not face stress and sadness, but I am happy with my progress with joy and laughter.

* DailyCaring website. It contains several articles with a lot of excellent caregiver information. One article I found very helpful in dealing with the everyday stresses of caregiving was this one “5 Ways to Reduce and Manage Caregiver Resentment.”

* Today’s Caregiver website. This site also contains a wealth of information to aid you in your caregiving journey. One I found most helpful was this one on “Emotional Fatigue.” It listed the signs of fatigue and tips on how to deal with it. This came at a good time for me, as I too am struggling. For me, my goal is to avoid depression, frustration, or anxiety for less than a day. Yes, I talk a lot to myself, and I do answer as well.

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