Caring For All:   December 11 , 2022,  Del Larson, Certified Lay Minister

It has been a busy time. I thought retirement would be a much slower pace. I have been working hard since August, on a large project to be shared with church lay leaders in Minnesota. It is ready to be recorded on Monday. I will then be a writer, director, producer, technical advisor, and actor. I’m not expecting any Academy awards or Oscars. I’d love a God wink. I know God has been right beside me on this journey


Just an update on previous topics. In my caregiver zoom meeting this week, people from a senior resource group shared how to prepare for the future by talking with parents gradually, rather than all at once. Also, do it when they are well. Lutheran Social Services is sending us a yellow folder that includes a list of where their important papers are at. They still can keep them in their safe place, but this helps children to know what to do. This includes where all insurance, financial documents, will, and health care directives (which should also be given to doctors by now) are located. Also, how to find their passwords, for finances, computers, and who are their representatives. You can tell them to fill it out, but take a glance to see if they do.  They can keep it hidden as long as you know where it is.  Again, without this information, things are likely to end up in Probate.  Too many seniors still don’t want to share their information with others, including children. They want to keep it secret. This is why you need to share early. Be patient, calm, and understanding. A lawyer or financial advisor can help ease this situation. Don’t be a bully, and demand information. Recently, while riding with my son, he said that he wasn’t sure he could follow our healthcare directives, and let us die. I’m glad he told me, and I tried to be very understanding. I told him I could take his name off the decision part of the Healthcare Directives. I also said we could have a friend make that decision. I’ve put it off for a month, so it is time to getter done!


Books: There are many great books out there to help you. I especially like Max Lucado’s books. You can find a lot of good information and inspiration in his books.


Upcoming topics will include: Learn the illness; Be an advocate; Death; How do you handle loss—friends, child, or spouse.


God Bless you.  Know you are never alone.  I too struggle with loneliness, but I turn it over to God.  IF GOD BRINGS YOU TO IT, GOD WILL BRING YOU THROUGH

I appreciate hearing from you.  Positive or negative. My email is attached, or you can call the church and they will give you my number.

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