Caring For All:   Sept 30, 2022    Del Larson, Certified Lay Minister

In my last post, I strongly suggested that you as a family communicate with family early regarding the end-of-life journey.  Healthcare Directives, Power of Attorney, and update your will.   Over the last couple of weeks, I have had to deal with two unique situations that correlate to this topic:

God is always working in our lives and God included me in a phone call that I received a week ago.

The woman on the phone was looking for a moving company. I tried explaining that I was not involved with any moving company.  She kept saying it was my number.  I looked up a couple of moving companies and gave her the numbers. I then gave her my name and number. I found out that she had my information. I was becoming concerned about her. She was in a nursing care center and was moving to an assisted living facility.  The connection is that she had contacted our church looking for assistance to get to church.  When I realized it was her that I sent an email, I was amazed at how God made this possible.

I went and visited with her and also the head nurse from the care facility.  She is moving from a large multiple-bedroom house to a one-bedroom assisted apartment.

Her husband died this spring, and she has no children.  The more I learned the more concerned I got.  She says she can handle everything and didn’t need any help from anyone. I had strong doubts about that.

This is what I talked about in my last post.  We all need to plan for our end-of-life journey, including couples without children. Who can help if you are the last survivor of the marriage?  As we age our memories and cognitive skills diminish.  That is why it is vital to have a plan in place. Planning should start early, so it is your plan and not someone else.

I appreciate hearing from you.  Positive or negative.  Remember what I said above.  Positive is always better.  I think we need more positives in this angry world.   My email is attached, or you can call the church and they will give you my number.

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