Weekly Devotional June 28th 2018

Tuesday, it appeared the focus of Sunday was going to be “Healed and Set Free.” But things happen when a person reads and re-reads Bible passages. Mark 5:21-43 is a healing story interrupted by a healing story. It begins with a girl nearing death, is interrupted by a bleeding woman whose story is so compelling that the dying girl is practically forgotten until she is brought up again. Both stories are about being “healed and set free.” But, I saw something new that seemed very timely for our world today. In a world where so many people and things are in need of healing, this reading from Mark, tells about energy flowing from Jesus. But, wonderful wonder of wonders, there is “Enough Jesus to Go Around. It’s kind of like the five loaves and two fish that fed thousands on the hillside. Jesus always offers more than we can imagine.

Is there a place in your life where it seems your resources and best efforts are too little? Jesus does want the best for us and invites us trust he is also at work in our lives. We are not left alone to get by on our own efforts. Is the someone you are praying for that you wish you could do more for? Jesus invites us to do what we can, maybe even more than we think we can, AND to trust Jesus is also at work in that person’s life. Are you in need of healing? Take a look at the Scripture and be reminded Jesus eventually does bring new life to both the woman and the girl in the story (and those who care for them). It’s an invitation to trust Jesus is still seeking to take us by the hand and set us free to live anew even when it take more time than we’d like. The healing may not always be in the way we expect but it always seems to be what we most need.

There Is Enough Jesus to Go Around.


Weekly Devotional July 5th 2018

“What does the Lord require of us? God has already shown us what is good. Love kindness, show mercy and walk humbly with our God.”  (Micah 6:8) I am particularly fond of the words of the prophet Micah. His words remind us that being faithful is about our actions and our attitudes. He reminds us that a faithful life is within our reach. There’s hope in knowing kindness, mercy and humility can make a difference in a broken world. Still, as human-beings, our hearts often break and we find ourselves wishing we could do more.

Last week there were two children who drown in the Fargo-Moorhead area and our hearts go out to their families. It may not seem like kindness, mercy and humility are enough. However, those of you who were in church on Sunday already know, in a way you were with Grace’s Mom and family on that tragic day. Because you support Grace Church with your prayers, presence, gifts and service, you have a pastor who volunteers as a Moorhead Police Chaplain. Your faithfulness to Grace Church allowed me to answer the call and be with Grace’s Mom at Buffalo River State Park. I could not bring little Grace back to life. But, I could whisper a prayer and be a visual reminder to her family that God had not abandoned them during this time, and that Jesus held little Grace in his arms. I was also able to be with officers later in the evening. It was a humbling privilege for me to be a sign that God still cares in the midst of tragedy. But, the only reason I could be there is because of you kindly, mercifully and humbly giving yourselves to the mission of Grace Church–to this idea that God is calling to be the church beyond our building’s walls right in our neighborhood.

On Sunday mornings when there is Sunday School for the kids, most of us aren’t in the education wing. Yet, we are part of supporting those who are teaching God’s love to the next generation. When you send a card, pick up the phone, or visit someone to directly care for them, I hope you feel the support and encouragement of your Grace family. Loving kindness, showing mercy, and walking humbly is not something we do alone. Jesus can work mightily through these simple actions and attitudes because we practice them together and support one another in them.

The next time you see someone do or say something that exemplifies kindness, mercy and humility, take a moment to show your appreciation. It is good when we encourage each other on the journey of faithfulness.

Sunday we’ll talk more about what it means to be Sent by Jesus and Sustained by Jesus.