Grace UMC Weekly Update 9/25-10/1

Hello Grace UMC!
Could we have asked for better weather for our night at Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch?! I hope that you can come and join us for this fun fellowship outing anytime from 5-7pm. For $5 you will get a homemade chili dinner, access to all the games and activities at the pumpkin patch, a horse-drawn hay ride. Bring your family and friends and come join the fun!
Pumpkin Patch Address: 14447 U.S, US-10, Glyndon, MN 56547

3 Things to Know
Confirmation at Grace is open to students 8th grade and older who want to grow in their faith and take the next step in their journey. We will be having an informational meeting this Sunday, October 1st after worship. If your student is interested in being part of confirmation this year, please contact Pastor Taylor and plan on coming to the meeting this Sunday.
2. Women of Grace are hosting our annual Fall Festival on Saturday, October 14th from 8-2pm! Grab a friend or relative and enjoy the Country Store (rummage sale), donuts and coffee (8-11) or lunch (11-1:30), silent auction, and bake/craft sale. This is Women of Grace’s big fundraiser, so you’re not going to want to miss out. Donations for the rummage, bake/craft sale, or silent auction can be brought to the church any time before October 13th at 6pm.
3. At the end of October we will be hosting Trunk-Or-Treat once again! We’ll have more information out soon, but we are starting to collect candy donations as well. Over the last few years several hundred kids and families have come through Grace for this event! If you’re able to provide an extra bag of candy to support his event it would be greatly appreciated!

Worship This Week
We will continue in our sermon series, Pray Then Like This, a deeper look at the Lord’s Prayer. This week our focus will be on the phrase, “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.”, using the text from Matthew 18:21-24 to guide us. We will also be celebrating World Communion Sunday as we gather around the table with Christians from all across the world. Join us in-person or online at 10:00am, and don’t forget to invite someone!

Prayer Requests
This week has been a powerful reminder of both our need for prayer and how our prayers can be answered! Please keep these people and situations in your prayers:

  • *New* Todd and Doyne G. ask prayers for Ben L., struggling with alcohol addiction. Prayers also for Amanda, Joanna, and Ben as they consider next best steps for their biological father in the coming weeks.
  • *New* Akissi offers prayers to help rebuild her connection with God. May we offer encouragement and support to a new member of the Grace UMC community, and recommit ourselves to building a stronger connection with God.
  • *Update* Sandy S. offers prayers of thanksgiving as her granddaughter Savannah is doing much better!
  • *Update* Jean M. also offers up prayers of thanksgiving that Lisa’s biopsy was negative!
  • *Update* Jim and Kathy E. ask prayers for Steve’s wife and family in his passing on September 9th. We have been praying for Steve for quite some time following a cancer diagnosis.
  • Rick A. has been diagnosed with melanoma in his eye. Rick and Colleen are going to Mayo hoping for answers and treatment options.
  • Jean G. has begun chemotherapy treatments, with the first round going well. Prayers for strength and comfort throughout the remaining treatments.
  • Mary (Luann L. sister-in-law) is showing progress with her cancer treatments
  • Joni (Del L. sister-in-law) is looking for a long-term nursing care facility, moving from her son’s home.
  • Luann L. is looking for a rehab assignment to help strengthen her knee, while Del is trying to be careful not to strain his back.
  • Amanda L. asks prayers for the new additions to my family through guardianship court process after losing their mother in March.
  • Prayers for Steven, a neighbor from the community, who is struggling with the loss of his wife, now raising two children on his own.
  • David B. asks prayers for Tom, who is dealing with stress at work and caring for his wife who has cancer.
  • Leroy (Friend and classmate of Sherry B.) his brain cancer has returned.
  • Osie J. (Aunt of Bonnie C.) is doing much better and moving around following a fall.
  • Vernice E. (Friend of Bonnie C.) has entered hospice care.
  • Alysha (Granddaughter of Esther V.) dealing with migraines and lots of stress
  • Jessica F. and family (friends of Jeff and Danielle B.) Jessica has been diagnosed and is beginning treatment for brain cancer.
  • Eddie Y. is dealing with sciatic nerve issues.
  • Cami G.

Members @ Care Facilities                             Members @ Home
Pat Walter ( St. Catherine S.)               Carol Devine        Paul Kemper
Don Walter (Pioneer House)                Luann Larson      Sherry Brumwell
Jim Jameson (River Pointe)                   Larry Possehl      Lynette Andel
Will Wehrman (Eventide)                       Linda Gibson
Cleo Anderson (Eventide)
JoAnne Oelke (Serenity)


You Need To Take Care of Yourself

Caregiving For All:  January 26, 2023, Del Larson, Certified Lay Minister

You have either heard me say, or read that it is important for caregivers to take care of themselves.   As the snow started flying in November,  I was recognizing that I was struggling more with my attitude and finding joy in my life.  Oh, I was excited about Christmas and being together with family, but I was finding myself not as sharp and having problems sleeping.

I talked with my wife in early December, about how she felt about me visiting family and friends by myself in AZ.  She is unable to travel.  This would mean that she would need to go into a facility that offered respite care.  She didn’t say much, and I could tell she was sad. I wanted to protect her, and give her a positive experience if I did go to AZ.  Later, I explained this would be a chance for her to see what nursing home living had to offer.   Being the person she is, she told me that I needed a break.  She too was recognizing my struggles.

Around the new year, the planning started with checking the availability of flights and finding facilities for Luann.  Checking with Luann’s care manager and my online caregiver group facilitator from Lutheran Social Services (LSS), it quickly became apparent that we were not going to find a facility within a short distance of home that would take Luann.  Because of staffing shortages, facilities are unable to take short-term respite care patients.   It was now time to look at Plan B.  Who could stay with her, and what would be the cost?

Our kids were part of the planning, and they took the weekend, including the grandkids. That always makes Luann happy.

One of her friends, who visits her weekly, agreed to be with her daily during breakfast and supper, except for when Luann’s CNA was working with her.   My biggest concern was choking.  She choked two nights before I left for AZ.   I had to do the Heimlich.  That is difficult to do in an electric wheelchair or lift chair.   More on that later.  Luann’s friend would stay for a couple of hours each time to ensure all her needs were met, including getting the bed ready for the night.

A couple of years ago, LSS encouraged our caregiver group to establish an “Emergency Plan.”  This plan helps other family members know what to do and whom to contact if the caregiver should become incapacitated and not able to care for the recipient.  This was very helpful when I had my back fusion surgery in March of 2021.  During my hospitalization, my daughter had to call one of our neighbors, listed as a contact, because Luann started choking when she spoke on the phone.   The plan worked.  She was able to clear the obstruction herself before the neighbor got to her.  Luann has swallowing problems and does choke about once a week.  Most of the time Luann can clear the passageway by stretching her arms above her head.  I’m noticing now that it is getting more difficult for her to stretch her arms, so I may help have to help her.  I would say I, or another family member, have done the Heimlich maneuver about 10 times over the last 5 years.  This is important for everyone to learn ASAP.   If you would like a copy of this emergency plan, I would be glad to share it.  Message me with your email address just in case I don’t have it.

Our plan went very well.  No emergencies.  Everything was covered.  My only concern was that Luann didn’t eat what we had planned.  That will be corrected in the Emergency Plan.

For me, everything went well, except for my slip-and-slide in a tub.  I’m recovering from bruised ribs.  It was fantastic to see my 99-year-old friend and all the people who turned out to parade by and celebrate his birthday.  Eight Tucson police cars with 10 officers paraded around the block twice and then stopped for 30 minutes to take pictures and sing happy birthday.   What a great time for this very caring, Christian friend. I also got time to spend with cousins which is always worth 10,000 laughs.  Unfortunately, we are all getting older, and taking care of ourselves is very important.

I appreciate hearing from you.  Positive or negative. My email is attached, or you can call the church and they will give you my number.

Feel free to respond, ask questions, or tell me what you think.

I hope that you can find one thing that will be helpful to you.  Email: