Church Leadership

Our Church Leadership

Pastor Taylor Johnson

Pastor Taylor Johnson and his wife, Kiersten, came to Grace from Sioux Falls, SD. Kiersten is an RN and will be working at Sanford part time. The family grew in 2019 with the birth of their son, Dexson, who shares a birthday with his dad. He is a very active one and a half year old always looking for adventure and new ways to play with the cats, Cooners and Hank.

Pastor Taylor explains his passion for ministry “comes from seeing the experience others have had with the Church. My heart breaks for the people who have a stained idea of who Jesus is because of an experience that happened in the past or rumors they heard. I have a passion for helping people who know faith to show faith. The combination of the two leads me to the work of building up current disciples for the work of making new ones. I love having the difficult conversations about who God is and who we are together. I have a deep love for heartfelt, expressive worship. Ultimately, my passion for ministry is helping people draw closer to Jesus and closer to one another.”

“The vision I have for the Church is to be a faithful body of believers who love God and love neighbor. There are things about the modern church that are wonderful and things that need some adjustment. I believe every congregation has room to grow not only in size but in spiritual understanding. One thing that has been placed on my heart over the last several years is to look at the church from the view of Acts 2. For those who were closest to Christ’s resurrection, what did they find to be the most essential pieces? Worshipping together, meeting in homes, sharing everything they had, and a devotion to the learning and teaching of Jesus.”


     Del Larson - Certified Lay Minister

Del is assigned by the District Superintendent to assist at Grace  UMC, and to work with seniors at different locations.  Although Del is not a paid staff person, he spent two years working through a series of prayer and study modules to become a Certified Lay Minister in 2013.  Presently, Del does a worship serve twice a month at One Oak Place in Fargo; a weekly Bible Study at River Pointe in Moorhead; and visits the sick and home bound.  He is the facilitator for Caregivers Unite; a group of caregivers that meets once a month at Grace.  He also does online writing with his Year of Prayer 2020.   Outside of church work, Del has been involved in many community and state leadership groups supporting our youth.  He retired from teaching in 2008.   Del and his wife LuAnn have been Moorhead residents for all but four years of their lives,  and are happy to serve their church and community.  They have been members of Grace UMC since 1983.

Choir and Worship Accompanist & Bell Choir Director - Sharon Fangsrud


Music is an integral part of my spiritual life – I would be lost without it. My church life began back in my home town in South Dakota in a Baptist congregation, where, as a young girl in junior high, I began playing for Sunday School and youth group, "moving up the ranks" to play for the Sunday morning church service and accompanying the choir as well as soloists and small groups. I inherited the love of music from my loving Grandfather (who I was blessed to be able to accompany often) and Mom (who was the first pianist when the Baptist church was organized in Milbank), and I will be forever grateful to them for the encouragement they gave to keep going. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with many musically talented musicians. It has been their love and ministry that has inspired me to share my talent and carry on their ministry – through singing, playing piano, or directing the bells. I pray that my ministry will do the same for others.