Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up

Third Sunday in Lent


Psalm 19:1-3, 7a
The heavens tell the glory of God.
The majesty of the cosmos signals God’s handiwork.

Day by day, God speaks in a myriad of ways.
Night by night we are reminded there is an order beyond our imagining.

Look around. Rivers and streams, mountains and valleys, prairies and forests,
They do not use words, but they speak of God’s greatness.

Listen deeply. Waves crashing, birds singing, leaves rustling, all testify to God.
The laws of the Lord are perfect—reviving the soul.”

We gather to learn of God’s ways.
We gather to be filled with life and love, joy and compassion. Amen.


John 2:13-22 (CEB)

The gospel of John places Jesus’ cleansing of the temple almost at the very beginning, instead of at the end, of Jesus’ ministry like in the other gospels. John’s gospel is also the gospel that says, “God so loved the world that he gave his only son.” John wants to make it very clear that God is a giving God—in contrast to a world that is all too interested in taking. This passage invites Jesus’ followers to cleanse themselves and follow him into a life of blessing others.


Be Cleansed—Share God’s Blessing